Jyväskylän Salonkiorkesteri

Next time you can hear Salonkiorkesteri play is at the Palokka School (address Koivutie 5) on 11.5.2019 at 15:00. We are playing with Jyväskylä Brass Band (Jyväskylän Puhallinorkesteri). The theme of the concert is movie soundtracks. Welcome!

Jyväskylän Salonkiorkesteri is an amateur orchestra that plays music of all styles from popular tunes to classical and baroque. The predecessor of the current orchestra - Jyväskylän Amatööriorkesteri - was established in 1917; this was the year when Finland became independent.


In 1977, after decades of hibernation, Amatööriorkesteri was rejuvenated, and five years later it became a part of the then Jyväskylän työväenopisto. The name of the orchestra was changed into Salonkiorkesteri in 1994 and työväenopisto also changed into the Adult Education Centre (kansalaisopisto) in 2005: the present day orchestra is an independent society which also functions as a class offered by the Jyväskylä Adult Education Centre.

The orchestra celebrated its centenary in April 2017 with a concert that was part of the programme for the centenary of Finland's independence.

We have four first violins, five second violins, three violas, three cellos, two double basses, two flutes, one oboe, two clarinets, and a piano in our ranks. Our conductor is Olli Santa.

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